The End of Leagues 2014

the-endThis week is the last week for League scores for our 2014 Winter Leagues. Congratulations, we’re on the home stretch.

We’ve missed a lot of you over the past several weeks, so now is the time to make up for that. For this last week I’ll be accepting make up scores all the way back to week 6. So come shoot every night if you’d like, I’m sure your teams would appreciate you dropping some of those dummy scores.

Be sure to get there by 7 Wednesday – Friday, starting your score after 7:30 is discouraged. Saturday the building will be open from at least Noon-2 and can stay open longer if there’s anyone there.

As of now it doesn’t look like we’re going to need a shoot off. Team 8 may just sweep both halves. If we do end up having a shoot off I’ll be sure to post about it here, everyone is invited to come. We’ll contact the teams involved directly and set up a day for the competition.

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