Local archers can hit their butts with both hands.

Over the last two weekends several members of our club and other local archers participated in the Utah Open in Salt Lake and the Idaho Open in Pocatello.

I thought I’d take a moment to list some of the local archers who shot well.

Utah Open:
Seneca Francis — 1st Women’s Open
Darrin Baird — 1st Men’s Bowhunter
Kerry Baird — 3rd Men’s Bowhunter

Idaho Open:
Seneca Francis — 1st Women’s Open
Amber Christensen — 3rd Women’s Open
Shelby Remund — 2nd Women’s Bowhunter
Kerry Baird — 1st Men’s Bowhunter
Darrin Baird — 2nd Men’s Bowhunter

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